– Earn cryptocurrency rewards for stargazing and eating ice cream

09 October 2018

KeyoCoin is offering a glimpse into the future of its blockchain-backed travel rewards ecosystem, by launching over 1,000 travel challenges in more than 100 cities.

Travelers logging into the KeyoPass app from today will have exclusive early access to the (Pokémon GO style) location-based travel challenges, and will be rewarded for every one they complete after the KeyoCoin token launches early next year.

From pouring the perfect pint of Guinness in Dublin, to recreating Russell Crowe’s Gladiator speech in Rome’s Colosseum, to speaking in your best British Accent to the pelicans of London’s St. James Park, the challenges are designed to encourage people to get more from their travel adventures.

Anyone willing to put their wit, skill, and bravery to the test, will go home with more than just a bucket(list) full of memories. Once KeyoCoin’s travel rewards token launches in 2019, participants will earn crypto rewards for each challenge they complete, tokens which they’ll be able to spend in a growing marketplace of over 12,000 live tours, activities, and local experiences in over 60 cities around the world.

Matt Baer, CEO and founder of KeyoCoin said: “From Air Miles to Marriott Points, there’s no denying that loyalty programmes in the travel industry can pack a punch, but they’re invariably designed to give more rewards to customers with the deepest pockets. Of course companies want to celebrate their most valuable customers, but value means so much more today than how many miles you’ve flown, or how much you spent on a hotel room.

“Naturally, our marketplace will reward people when they book, but our travel challenges also give people countless opportunities to earn crypto rewards without needing to make a purchase. Independent travel businesses will also be able to give something back to their model guests; those that take the time to leave a review or share their experience on Instagram, or even volunteer an hour or two of their time for the local community.”

KeyoCoin plans to have 10,000 challenges across the top 100 cities by the time the universal travel rewards token launches, and independent travel businesses will be able to sponsor these challenges, or make up some of their own. In time, these challenges will become a patchwork of local experiences, designed by (and funded by) local businesses to be complementary to the services they offer.

Matt Baer continued: “Our merchant partners are already showing a lot of interest in sponsoring these travel challenges, and some of their suggestions for new ones have been absolutely superb. I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions; it won’t be long now until the rewards platform is up and running and our token starts to breathe life into the whole ecosystem.”

For a full list of the travel challenges, download the KeyoPass app, or visit the KeyoCoin marketplace. Here are some of our favourites:

• Cancun, Mexico: At the Tulum Ruins, don your finest Indiana Jones hat and film a Harrison Ford-esque exploration video of the ruins. Commitment to the character is key (and yes the hat is mandatory!). Send us the video!

• Los Angeles, USA: Challenge one of the men or women working out at Muscle Beach to a push-up contest. Record the competition, and send us the video!

• Johannesburg, South Africa: Take a tour of the Apartheid Museum and tell us what you learned in a 30 second video clip outside the museum.

• Hong Kong, China: Find the famous Bruce Lee Statue and pose like you’re challenging him to a fight. Send us the photo!

• Las Vegas, USA: Take a video of you singing the classic “Viva Las Vegas” song in front of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Send us the video!

For more information about how KeyoCoin is using blockchain technology to shake up the world of hospitality, travel and local experiences, head over to KeyoCoin.com, download the KeyoPass App on the App Store or Google Play, or join the KeyoCoin Telegram group at https://t.me/KeyoCoin.

A number of high profile figures from the world of consumer and blockchain technology have already pledged their support for the project, including executives from Apple, Oracle, Hyperloop, Western Union, Live Nation and IGN.

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