MotoLease launched its MotoCoin Rewards Program which comes with exciting benefits for loyal MotoLease customers. Whether they are a new or existing MotoLease customer, they can enroll at, and start
receiving MotoCoins. When a MotoLease customer signs up for the MotoCoin Rewards Program, they will be on the road to improving their MotoLease credit tier and lowering their MotoLease monthly payments.

“We’ve listened to our customers and are delivering an industry-unique loyalty program that will strengthen our relationships to better engage, reward and grow our best customers,” said Emre Ucer, chief operating officer of MotoLease.

How a Customer Earns MotoCoins:
 Sign up for automatic payments — 1,500 MotoCoins.
 Download the MotoLease Mobile App — 1,500 MotoCoins.
 One-time completion of a State Certified Rider Course — 500 MotoCoins.
 Customer makes their lease payments on-time:
 Monthly Lessee Payments — 1,000 MotoCoins.
 Semi-Monthly Lessee Payments – 500 MotoCoins.
How a Customers Redeems MotoCoins:
 At 6,000 MotoCoins, customer can choose to receive a $50 gift card.
(A one-time only 3,000 MotoCoin redemption as a new member welcome benefit)
 At 15,000 MotoCoins, customer qualifies for a MotoLease “Repriced Lease” which may upgrade them to a better credit tier and lower monthly payments!

Link: MotoLease