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Play and Earn Free Airfare

All the best casinos offer their patrons more than just the pleasure of playing games for a chance to win cash. Passionate gamblers who frequent casinos on a regular basis know that this leisure time costs much more than the amount put in a slot or on the table. Everything from travel expenses to meals and hotel stay comes into account when planning another trip to visit favourite gaming locations. To cut expenses, players are always looking for a place that, in addition to having their preferred machines and table games, also has some complementary program to award loyal customers in various meaningful ways. Even little things such as free drinks or dinner can make a significant difference in a player’s budget, who will want to use as many perks as they can so money is left to gamble with. One of the world’s largest gaming corporations, Caesars Entertainment, is widely known not only for their vast network of casinos but also for an excellent loyalty program which is free to join offering numerous benefits even to casual members.

Total Rewards Program
Caesar’s properties are very popular in the United States, where land-based gambling is legal and regulated. Nevada holds the highest number of establishments, but they are spread across North America pretty evenly, which makes it easy to find one without having to do much traveling, and especially convenient when special promotions are held which require visiting as many resorts as possible in a certain period of time. The Total Rewards loyalty program is shared between all 40 properties, officially launched in 2005 and based on Tier Credits and Reward Credits, which are different and should not be confused. The former determine a player’s annual tier score, while the latter function as complimentary points to redeem for various benefits: discounts, hotel stays, meals and drinks, airfare and ground transportations, entertainment and music shows, and even free play on slots and other games. The basic premise is to play reel slots and table games, based on the frequency and length of gaming sessions, the type of game and the amount staked, however, Reward Credits can also be accumulated through purchases at participating shops and outlets, online or on land, and when using Total Rewards Visa. Tier Credits are earned similarly, via gameplay, shopping, dining, and hotel stay. The ultimate goal is to become a seven-star member, which is the highest tier of the rewards program with the most exclusive prizes.

Charter Flights
One of the best perks of this program is the Total Rewards Air, launched in 2009 and expanded in 2015. It is the gaming industry’s largest charter flight service to favorite properties nation-wide from as many as 100 cities. Players can pick one of the available packages and book a flight quickly and easily using their Total Rewards card. Operated by Via Airlines, the service now undertakes close to 2,000 flights per year for both exclusive club members and retail customers via a single Boeing 737 and five Regional Jets. The packages also include hotel accommodations and shuttle services to and from resorts. The cost of air charter junkets vary depending on a member’s current tier, and may or may not come at a typical or otherwise affordable price, and the fact the jets operate from private terminals beats waiting in long lines for commercial airlines.

Those who used Total Rewards Air are generally satisfied with the services provided to them. Offers on various flights are diligently issued via e-mails, so players will know which ones they are eligible to use without having to do any inquiries. Booking is made by phone, and although the prices are usually quoted per person, they will often get comped instead, based on rated play and availability. Hotels are assigned by the staff, but customers can make requests to change the premises and there should be no problems changing the location depending on their status within the program. During the flight, passengers are given free drinks. One of the advantages includes no time wasted during check-in, which takes place immediately upon arrival, or trying to catch a ride to a hotel because the ground transport is always included in the package.

So far, there have been no significant complaints about casino junkets or other aspects of Caesars Rewards Program. It is different from many other such schemes due to the absence of common bonus points, and the fact that members benefit from a combination of two different types of credits. Additionally, the amount of 7-Star patrons makes up only a small percentage of the total number of customers, and having in mind the popularity of this program; it clearly shows the lower level perks are highly desirable and useful. Although the primary benefits are various kinds of coupons that can be used by small-time and casual gamblers, charter flights and free rooms count as significant discounts and provide comfortable vacations for a reduced price.

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