Trelleborg Wheel Systems and Loylogic, a provider of loyalty program solutions, have teamed up to create and operate a state-of-the-art loyalty experience for the agricultural sector.

The loyalty program for agricultural dealerships, salesmen and end-users is designed to offer a unique loyalty experience that is rewarding and engaging. The program offers an extensive reward catalog of more than 550 rewards across seven premium reward categories like electronics, jewelry, watches and a vast sports and leisure range, to perfectly match their members taste.

The program has ambitious plans and relaunched its reward program with Loylogic for France, its first strategic market, in January, followed by Benelux and the United Kingdom this April. Trelleborg is planning for more areas to come this year. With a main focus on offering an enticing choice of rewards on a global scale and building a strong digital strategy to engage their members, Loylogic represents a seamless fit and strategic partner for this new loyalty endeavor.

“Loylogic is delighted to enter this strategic partnership with Trelleborg for this new business venture,” said Dominic Hofer, CEO and founder of Loylogic. “We offer our profound experience, competencies and skillset in order to drive loyalty success in the agricultural industry with Trelleborg. Providing choice to our clients and their members is our calling and consists not only of delivering an extensive and engaging reward catalog but also in offering industry-leading redemption features and our expertise in this field. I am looking forward to building a great global reward program with Trelleborg Wheel Systems.”